Protect Your Home With Roof Maintenance Services

Protect Your Home With Roof Maintenance Services

Schedule a preventive roof inspection in Windsor & Santa Rosa, CA and servicing the surrounding cities of North Bay, CA

Galvan Roofing & Gutters has the skills needed to handle routine roof maintenance year-round. We'll look for potential problems and repair any damage right away. For example, moss and debris can accumulate on your roof, causing the area to rot. We'll clean your roof's shingles and remove debris to prevent roof damage.

Call our office in Windsor, CA now to arrange for roof maintenance services in North Bay.

Don't forget about regular gutter maintenance

Your gutters have a direct impact on the state of your roof. If you want to maintain your roof and prevent water damage, schedule a gutter maintenance appointment with Galvan Roofing & Gutters.

We'll inspect your gutters for:

  • Corrosion
  • Blockages
  • Mildew
These problems can cause moisture damage and dry rot on your roof.

We provide gutter maintenance services in Windsor, California and the surrounding North Bay Area. Call 707-608-8928 now to schedule your inspection.