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Stop Roof Leaks Before They Start

Talk to a roof leak prevention technician in Windsor & Santa Rosa, CA and servicing the surrounding cities of North Bay, CA

Save money on roof repairs by signing up for our roof leak prevention service. Galvan Roofing & Gutters can perform preventive maintenance on your home's roof and gutters.

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Avoid roof leak repair work with preventive maintenance

Galvan Roofing & Gutters offers roof leak repair and prevention services in Windsor, CA and servicing the surrounding cities of North Bay, CA. We'll examine your home's:

  • Chimney flashing: Cracks and gaps in the seal around your chimney can cause extensive water damage.
  • Pipes: Burst pipes and corrosion can cause your roof to rot from the inside out.
  • Gutters: Blocked or rusted gutters often lead to dry rot along your roof's edges.
  • Shingles: Even one missing shingle can create a moisture problem in your attic.
We'll repair any damage we find to help mitigate problems. Call 707-608-8928 now to set up a roof leak repair and prevention appointment.